The Lack of Reality in Evangelicals

The evangelical movement in my opinion is in a big crisis, caused by oversimplifying, shallow theology and by a lack of reality.

The crucial question is: Did I encounter Gods ultimate reality? Where did the reality of God come into my life? In which parts of my life did I make a transcendend experience that formed my faith in God?

In recent times more and more people have such experiences outside of the church, but the church is the agency that should provide the possibility for such encounters and the place where these experiences should happen. More and more people encounter Gods reality in music, in art or other areas of their life. Sadly they immediately start doubting the usefulness of the church, cause they connect the failure of mankind with the church.

The church has to come out of its fantasyworld and ask itself: How is it possible, that more people are connecting with God outside of the church than inside?

If you haven’t encountered the reality of God, than sooner or later you probably will abandon your faith in God. The question is not wether you name yourself „evangelical“, „liberal“, „reformed“, „conservative“ or any other nametag, the ringing question that everyone has to answer is:

Have you encountered Christ, who is the ultimate reality of all spiritual things?

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