Reading List #2 – Humility, Self-Confidence, Illusion, Intelligence

+ Is it better to be humble or to be self-confident?
A brilliant essay by Jacob Burak with links to many studies that show the superiority of real humility compared to self-confidence.

"Intellectual humility relies on the ability to prefer truth over social status. It is marked primarily by a commitment to seeking answers, and a willingness to accept new ideas – even if they contradict our views." - Jakob Burak

+ How Might Intellectual Humility Lead to Scientific Insight?
Philosopher W. Jay Wood from Wheaton College writes about the correlation of humility, intelligence and about the “spirit of scientific domination”. First he explains what humility is not and then he shows how “intellectual humility” safeguards us in this world.

"I argue that intellectually humble scientists have a stronger likelihood of winning knowledge and other intellectual goods than those lacking this virtue. Intellectual humility leads indirectly to scientific insight."

"The spirit of scientific domination is about control, subjugation to human mastery, and about forcing nature to surrender its secrets. Intellectually humble scientists, by contrast, retain a capacity for awe and wonder in all nature’s works." - W. Jay Wood

+ Illusions Of Understanding And The Loss Of Intellectual Humility
Tania Lombrozo, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley writes about how we are deceived by technology.

"if you can easily ("fluently") call an image, word, or statement to mind, you're more likely to think that you've successfully learned it and to refrain from effortful cognitive processing." 
- Tania Lombrozo

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