Transforming Innocence into Holiness – Oswald Chambers

Our decisions matter. Every decision against my old self, every denying self, every dying to myself, every “staying on the cross” brings us nearer to the “transfiguration” – into a mature son of god. Oswald Chambers explains it this way:

When holy character was fully matured in Our Lord, earth lost its hold on Him and He was transfigured. In all probability if Adam had transformed his innocence into holy character by obeying God‟s voice, transfiguration would have been the way out of this order of things, there would have been no death. The entering in of sin made that impossible. Adam was intended by God to partake in his own development by sacrificing the life of nature to the will of God, and in that way to transform innocence into holiness. Our Lord came on the same plane as Adam and He did all that Adam failed to do; He transformed innocence into holy character, and when He had reached the full purpose of His Manhood He was transfigured.

Oswald Chambers, Bringing Sons Unto Glory

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