Smith Wigglesworth – The Great Revival: The Word and the Spirit

This prophecy was given at the annual Elim conference in 1947.

‘During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the church in Great Britain.
The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it and will be characterized by a restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit
‘The second move of the holy Spirit will result in people leaving historic churches and planting new churches.
‘In the duration of each of these moves, the people involved will say, “This is a great revival.” But the Lord says, “No, neither is the great revival but both are steps towards it.”
‘When the new church phase is on the wane, there will be evidenced in the churches something that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the Word and those with an emphasis on the Spirit.
‘When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, indeed the world has even seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and the Welsh revivals of former years. The outpouring of God’s Spirit will flow over from the United Kingdom to the mainland of Europe, and from there will begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.’

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Duncan Campbell – Erweckung auf den Hebriden

Einige Erinnerungen an die Erweckung auf den Hebriden, in der Got zwei alte Omas und einen Prediger namens Duncan Campbell gebrauchte.

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Quote from Evan Roberts / Zitat von Evan Roberts

Ich habe einige interessante Zitate von Evan Roberts gefunden, die ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte.

I have been asked concerning my methods. I have none. I never prepare the words I shall speak. I leave all that to Him. I am not the source of this revival. I am only one agent in what is growing to be a multitude. I am not moving men’s hearts and changing men’s lives; not I, but God worketh in me.I have found what is, in my belief, the highest kind of Christianity. ~ Evan Roberts

Und hier die deutsche Übersetzung: Ich wurde nach meinen Methoden gefragt: Ich habe keine. Ich bereite niemals die Worte vor, die ich reden soll. Ich überlasse das alles Ihm. Ich bin nicht die Quelle dieser Erweckung. Ich bin nur ein Werkzeug in etwas, was zu einer Menge heranwächst. Ich bewege nicht die Herzen und verändere keine Leben, nicht Ich, aber Gott, der in mir wirkt. Ich habe das gefunden, was in meinem Glauben die höchste Art des Christentums ist.

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