Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This Quote Nails Our Educational System

"So we end up populating what we call the intelligentsia with people who are delusional, literally mentally deranged, simply because they never have to pay for the consequences of their actions, repeating modernist slogans stripped of all depth. 

In general, when you hear someone invoking abstract modernistic notions, you can assume that they got some education (but not enough, or in the wrong discipline) and too little accountability [...] 

Those who don't take risks should never be involved in making decisions!"

– Nassim Nicholas Taleb: On Neocons and their Mental Defects

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb about the EU, Decentralisation, Education & Failure

I believe that forcing researchers to eat their own cooking whenever possible solves a serious problem in science. - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The scholar Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains why he hates the modern education system, why he hopes that the EU breaks into more small decentralised states, why he doesn't like france and why he likes germany and how to treat failure.

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