The Church in USA is at the point of death

Some very plain words from Open Doors USA Director Dr. Carl Moeller about the American Church, you find the whole article in the link below the quote:

“For years we’ve said wake up and strengthen what remains, Open Doors USA President and CEO Dr. Carl Moeller told The Christian Post in an exclusive interview. We would think of the American church as a napping church and that we would elbow it and it would wake up and rouse itself and do something.

In my mind today, the picture I have is a church in a diabetic coma that has gorged itself on the sweets of affluence, materialism, and the idolatry of worshipping the materialistic world. That diabetic coma is now life threatening. We as a church are at the point of death – not the church in the Middle East. We are the ones who can no longer rouse ourselves to even pray for an hour on behalf of things that God would have us pray for.”

He also prophesies a coming persecution to the USA and explains that the task of the Church is not to entertain the people, ubt to prepare them for the spiritual battle that is raging around us.

+ see the whole article @ Christian Post

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The Vision of Hudson Taylor: War and Awakening

‘I have seen a vision. I saw in this vision a great war that encompasses the world. I saw this war recede and then start again, actually being two wars. after this I saw much unrest and revolts that will affect many nations. I saw in some places spiritual awakenings.
‘In Russia I saw there will come a general all-encompassing national spiritual awakening spread to many European countries. Then I saw an all-out awakening, followed by the coming of Christ.’

Hudson Taylor received this vision in 1855

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