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Carey Nieuwhof interviewt Seth Godin:

Carey Nieuwhof interviewt Simon Sinek

1. If you want to say or write meaningful things, slow down, organize your thoughts and then communicate

A lot of people would say that Seth’s masterful ability to speak and write is a gift. He disagrees. Anyone’s ability to speak or communicate well is a skill they’ve developed, not a gift they were given. Seth learned to develop his skill by slowing down, organizing his thoughts, communicating well and then speeding back up as he improved his skill.

2. As a communicator, look for stories everywhere

If you follow Seth, you know that he seems to have a never-ending well of stories through which he communicates. He has a simple 2-part hack that enables him to continue finding new stories to tell every day.

Part 1: If you see anything in the world that you don’t understand, don’t move on until you have a thesis of how it works. Learn the story of how it works.
Part 2: Ask yourself, “Is this a story that I can tell somebody in the future?”

If you want to teach people anything, use this method to gather more stories.

3. “Do what you love” is for amateurs, “Love what you do” is a mantra for professionals

When you live with the mantra that you need to “do what you love,” that says that the world owes you its attention and support, and that you just need to be aware of your feelings enough to plot a course before you engage with it. This almost always leads to disappointment.

Instead, you can choose to keep the mantra of “I will love what I do,” and decide to practice and commit to loving your craft then, by definition, you will always be doing something you love.

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