The Two Powers in Heaven – Jesus in the Old Testament by Dr. Michael Heiser

Dr. Heiser explains the appearances of the person later known as “Jesus” in the “Old Testament”. This is an eye-opener – Jesus, the Word, is everywhere in the Old Testament, and he is very “personal” and very “physical”.

The Jews used to have a doctrine of “Two Powers” or “Two Jahwes” in Heaven, this doctrine explained all the appearances of “The Angel of the Lord“, the “memra“, the “Word of the Lord appearing“, the personification of “Wisdom” and other manifestations of the one and only God. That is one of the reasons, John picked up on the “logos” beeing Jesus – that was not greek influence, but building on the pentateuch/torah foundation. When the jewish Rabbis later realized, that the christians using this as a proof for Jesus, they decided, the doctrine of the second Jahwe or of the “two powers” is heresy and against the “Sh’ma“…

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The Church in USA is at the point of death

Some very plain words from Open Doors USA Director Dr. Carl Moeller about the American Church, you find the whole article in the link below the quote:

“For years we’ve said wake up and strengthen what remains, Open Doors USA President and CEO Dr. Carl Moeller told The Christian Post in an exclusive interview. We would think of the American church as a napping church and that we would elbow it and it would wake up and rouse itself and do something.

In my mind today, the picture I have is a church in a diabetic coma that has gorged itself on the sweets of affluence, materialism, and the idolatry of worshipping the materialistic world. That diabetic coma is now life threatening. We as a church are at the point of death – not the church in the Middle East. We are the ones who can no longer rouse ourselves to even pray for an hour on behalf of things that God would have us pray for.”

He also prophesies a coming persecution to the USA and explains that the task of the Church is not to entertain the people, ubt to prepare them for the spiritual battle that is raging around us.

+ see the whole article @ Christian Post

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David Bercot – The “Theology” of the Early Christians

Tertullian wrote about the “Rule of Faith” in the second century:

To believe in only one God Almighty, the Creator of the universe, and His son Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary, crucified under Pontius Pilate, raised again the third day from the dead, received in the heavens, sitting now at the riht hand of the Father, destined to come to judge the living and the dead through the resurrection of the flesh

This statement that Tertullian made, only one generation after the apostles, contains only 63 words. This is a very simple statement. The Westminster Confession of Faith, promulgated by the Puritans in the seventeenth century contains 12079 words.

Somehow the essentials of faith kept growing through the centuries. (Found in “Will the Theologians please sit down” from David Bercot).
This “Doctrianity” is spreading like a disease. This comes through eating from the forbidden tree.

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Smith Wigglesworth – The Great Revival: The Word and the Spirit

This prophecy was given at the annual Elim conference in 1947.

‘During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the church in Great Britain.
The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it and will be characterized by a restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit
‘The second move of the holy Spirit will result in people leaving historic churches and planting new churches.
‘In the duration of each of these moves, the people involved will say, “This is a great revival.” But the Lord says, “No, neither is the great revival but both are steps towards it.”
‘When the new church phase is on the wane, there will be evidenced in the churches something that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the Word and those with an emphasis on the Spirit.
‘When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, indeed the world has even seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and the Welsh revivals of former years. The outpouring of God’s Spirit will flow over from the United Kingdom to the mainland of Europe, and from there will begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.’

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The Vision of Hudson Taylor: War and Awakening

‘I have seen a vision. I saw in this vision a great war that encompasses the world. I saw this war recede and then start again, actually being two wars. after this I saw much unrest and revolts that will affect many nations. I saw in some places spiritual awakenings.
‘In Russia I saw there will come a general all-encompassing national spiritual awakening spread to many European countries. Then I saw an all-out awakening, followed by the coming of Christ.’

Hudson Taylor received this vision in 1855

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Francis Schaeffer, C. S. Lewis – About the Disease of Introspection

A very helpful article about the widespread disease of introspection. There are not many persons who have revelations about this topic, one of them was C. S Lewis. He has written about his fight to overcome this disease in his autobiography. He had to overcome this dreadful disease to experience the manifest presence of Christ.

+ Introspection (von L’Abri)

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Paul Washer – Schockierende Botschaft

Paul Washers Predigt, die er auf einer Konferenz der Südlichen Baptisten in den USA gehalten hat. Die PRedigt ist vor allem dann schockierend, wenn man sein ganzes Leben lang in der Kirche komische Lehren über Christsein und Wiedergeburt gehört hat, aber nie die Bibel gelesen hat.

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Arthur Katz – And They Crucified Him

One of the most hard hitting sermon that has been preached in this century: And they crucified him from Art Katz. The Flesh of most people, including christians will protest against this message.

And the symbol of the cross at the heart of the faith is an invitation to share in his sufferings ~ Art Katz

Our christianity is degenerating into a middle class culture ~ Art Katz

Here you can download the whole sermon: Art Katz Ministries

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Taste and see…

At the a particular divinity school, all alumni are invited to the school annually for a reunion. On this day each one is to bring a lunch to be eaten outdoors in a grassy picnic area. Every reunion would include a great theologian to speak to the alumni.

At one reunion, the visiting professor spoke for two and one-half hours proving that the resurrection of Jesus was false. He quoted scholar after scholar and book after book. He concluded that since there was no such thing as the historical resurrection, the religious tradition of the church was groundless, emotional mumbo-jumbo, because it was based on a relationship with a risen Jesus, who, in fact, never rose from the dead in any literal sense. He then asked if there were any questions.

After about 30 seconds, an old, dark skinned preacher with a head of short-cropped, woolly white hair stood up in the back.

“Professa, I got one question,” he said as all eyes turned toward him. He reached into his sack lunch and pulled out an apple and began eating it.

“Professa” .. CRUNCH, MUNCH… “my question is a simple question”… CRUNCH, CRUNCH…

“Now, I ain’t never read them books you read”…CRUNCH, MUNCH…

“and I can’t recite the Scriptures in the original Greek”…CRUNCH, MUNCH…

“I don’t know nothin’ about Niebuhr and Crossan”… CRUNCH, MUNCH… He finished the apple.

“All I wanna know is: This apple I just ate, was it bitter or sweet?”

The professor paused for a moment and answered in exemplary scholarly fashion: “I cannot possibly answer that question, for I haven’t tasted your apple.”

The white-haired preacher dropped the core of his apple into his crumpled paper bag, looked up at the professor and said calmly, “Neither have you tasted my Jesus.”

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